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Happy Couple

Silver Level

Thank you for your monthly contribution of $5 We truly appreciate your support. Your contribution will help to support our week-to-week operation of the show. We will honor you by giving you a shout-out on our show.


Young Couple

Platinum Level

With the perks mentioned in the previous pledge amounts, you will also have access to private Q&A sessions via FB live with both Will and Sophina.


Cute Couple

Bronze Level

With your monthly pledge of $10 which covers the cost of producing each episode; we will honor you with a shout-out on our show along with sending you an inspirational downloadable 31 day devotional.


Couple Hugging

Diamond Level

With this membership/pledge level…your dedication to what we do is truly appreciated and valued. Because of this, we want to show you our thanks by giving you all of the perks from the aforementioned levels and along with this send you our latest eBook.


Couple Hugging

Gold Level

With your monthly pledge of $25, we will honor you by giving you a shout out along with sending you an inspirational downloadable 31 day devotional and a Prevailing Marriage T-shirt.


Happy Couple

Titanium Level

This highest contribution is reserved for only a few individuals. Because of the contribution, you have made our success a priority and for that, we are honored. We want to personally work with you to help you prevail in your marriage. Along with all of the previous pledge level perks; you will also have access to one free 60 min counseling session once a month (as long as you are a member at this level).




Your support is needed to help us build a bridge of hope through
this podcast by providing insight and knowledge to couples who
want to have and maintain a successful marriage.
Partner with us as we connect this bridge to bring hope, insight,
and understanding to married couples around the world.


By subscribing and financially supporting our podcast you will
enable us to continue providing valuable resources; along with
real and relevant discussions on a variety of marital topics, as well
as answer your most urgent questions regarding your marriage.
You can have 100% success in marriage if you do it God’s way!

                                                                                        Let us show you how!

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